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About NMSA
Navi Mumbai Sports Association (hereinafter called (NMSA) has facilities to promote sports and social networking amongst its members.

The contents of this website are for the public to know, in general and the facilities available in NMSA. NMSA is in no way responsible if any person makes any decision/s based on contents of this website as there are possibilities that the website may contain inaccuracies or errors. Further there is a possibility that the third party may make unauthorized additions, modifications or deletion unintentionally or otherwise.

Although NMSA makes every effort to ensure integrity, correctness and authenticity of the contents of website it does not guarantee completeness, correctness or authenticity of the contents of website. The user of this website is advised to contact NMSA office to get up to date information.

NMSA’s rights
NMSA reserves the right to make additions, modifications or deletions of any content/s in this website at any point of time without any liability.

The contents of this website cannot be reproduced, copied, republished, uploaded or transmitted in any manner and on any media without prior written permission of NMSA.

Links to other websites
NMSA is neither responsible, nor does it endorse or authenticate the contents of any of the linked websites or their privacy policies. The user of this website is advised to use his discretion and follow his own options to judge reliability of information on linked websites before making any decision/s.

Terms and Conditions-NMSA Members’ Log in Apart from General Terms and conditions following Terms and conditions will specifically apply to NMSA Members. The terms and conditions are subject to provisions of the Scheme (Constitution) of NMSA and its Byelaws.
Consent to the Terms and Conditions
Logging in to the Members Login facility constitutes your consent to the Terms and Conditions mentioned below as well as Terms and Conditions mentioned for general public elsewhere in this website.

Inability to process with Services under this website cannot be excuse for member to delay payment or provide edit request to his profile.
NMSA is not responsible for any technical failure or malfunction of software or hardware which may result in some loss of time before full scale functionality is restored. In cases of such failures, Members are advised to use alternative avenues to comply with their obligations to NMSA.

Members Responsibility
Members shall be responsible for keeping secure:
Their login credentials (including password),
Other information while processing online payment,
Providing edit request to their profile information and
Providing request to resetting of password.

Use and Disclosure of specific information
While processing online payments, your information that is necessary to effect this transaction, will be shared with service provider of online payment processing.

Changes in Facilities, Charges
NMSA reserves the right to add/modify/suspend/close any services and facilities or charges for the same at any point of time with or without notice. Such variations will be binding on the Members and will not create any liability to NMSA for refund or concessions.

Changes in Terms and Conditions-NMSA Members’ Login Section
NMSA reserves its right to amend Terms and Conditions-NMSA Members’ Login section from time to time

On-line payments
If a member has made online payment without bills/invoices/confirmation from NMSA then such payment may not entitle him any rights towards the facilities or other privileges as a member.

NMSA requests members to voluntarily provide feedback or suggestions about facilities provided in the Website so that the Service standards can be improved as an ongoing exercise.

The Members’ login facility and online payment facility is exclusively meant for the transactions and all such transactions are governed by the Laws of India and will be proceeded only within the Jurisdiction of Mumbai, India.

If you do not agree to any of the Terms and Conditions then you should exit this website.

Physical well-being

Through various sports & events, we give the community an avenue to stay fit, which in turn helps them live a happier & healthier life. Our sports help in keeping fit while our gym & aerobics sessions help people achieve various body goals as well.

Mental well-being

Regular sports activities keep the key mental skills sharp as you age. It improves decision making, leadership & critical thinking. In this day and age, where the stress & depression levels are on the rise, sports help in relaxing ones mind and fighting depression.

Social well-being

Our Restaurant & Banquet Halls serve as a great medium of social interaction & help in keeping spirits high. Kids & adults who come to the club meet & interact with their friends as well as various other people & sports-persons which keeps them socially bonded.

Navi Mumbai Sports Association

Sector-1A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai-400 703.
Email: nmsavashi@gmail.com

Contact numbers
Hon. Gen. Secretary: 022 69669901
Exe. Secretary: 022 69669902
Main Board Lines (Reception: 022 696699 99/98/97


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