Restaurant & Club Bar


NMSA Club restaurant is an authentic fine dining restaurant offering multi cuisines. The dishes reflect the distinctive cooking styles and dining rituals of Indiaʼs ancient nobility. Traditional Indian spices are intrinsic to the flavours of the specialties served. The soft lighting and mellow music provide an intimate and relaxed setting. The decor is modern with latest Indian elements. It’s fully air conditioned with a seating capacity of 180 people.

The Club Bar

Club Bar is located on the first floor of the NMSA Club The bar has the finest lighting, sound system and ambiance in the city. The club is popular for its groovy tunes and tempting food. It has wonderful ambiance, wide range of food and cooperative staff. It is an amazing place to spend evening with a fine blend of music, food and drinks in the city. The ambiance and service at NMSA Club bar is amazing. It is an excellent place to hang out with friends and family.

Physical well-being

Through various sports & events, we give the community an avenue to stay fit, which in turn helps them live a happier & healthier life. Our sports help in keeping fit while our gym & aerobics sessions help people achieve various body goals as well.

Mental well-being

Regular sports activities keep the key mental skills sharp as you age. It improves decision making, leadership & critical thinking. In this day and age, where the stress & depression levels are on the rise, sports help in relaxing ones mind and fighting depression.

Social well-being

Our Restaurant & Banquet Halls serve as a great medium of social interaction & help in keeping spirits high. Kids & adults who come to the club meet & interact with their friends as well as various other people & sports-persons which keeps them socially bonded.

Navi Mumbai Sports Association

Sector-1A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai-400 703.

Contact numbers
Hon. Gen. Secretary: 022 69669901
Exe. Secretary: 022 69669902
Main Board Lines (Reception: 022 696699 99/98/97


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